Damian's main love is Portrait art and Realism, he also likes Script work, especially Calligraphy.

Whether you prefer to book an appointment, or simply want to walk-in, then just come by and we'll take care of you.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation, where our staff will sit down and discuss through client designs. 

We provide a professional, friendly atmosphere to accommodate our varied clientele, with focus on customer service and satisfaction. We offer refreshments and for clients booked in for a long session, we provide lunch also.

Meet our Artists

Beautifully Inked prides itself on its staff being artists foremost, ensuring that all work is original and designed with the specific need of an individual client in mind. Our extensive knowledge coupled with natural talent for artistic expression, ensures we're able to put our hand to most anything. Basically there isn't any job too big or too complex.

We really do enjoy and are happy to do ANY cover-up.

Beautifully Inked

We have a range of artists, all of who are at different stages in their tattooing careers and each of who have different artistic passions. However, we are united in two things: our artistic ability and our distaste of poor work! It is inexcusable.

Cara's main love is Neo-Traditional and Realism, she also likes portraits, and Mandala dot-work designs.

Tattoo & Piercing Studio &Academy

Client Care and Customer Satisfaction


Vikki's main love is Old School Traditional, she also likes Fantasy art, Trash-Polka, and photographic art.