The Tattoo Apprentice:

With an ever present talent for art, Cara started drawing portraits at a young age, and has been freehanding Henna Tattoos, for over a decade. After years spent sharpening her ability and testing herself with a variety of mediums; Cara eventually went on to study Level Fine Art and Drawing. Consequently Cara demonstrates clear artistic flair and a good eye for detail.

Although Cara has always retained a passion for Portraits and mandala style Dot-Work designs, her main love is Neo-Traditional. Allowing her to combine animation with realism, to create bold, bright, bubbly designs, bursting with colour; which is a clear reflection of her character.

Already a registered piercer, and an experienced Henna Artist, Cara is well into her tattooing apprenticeship at Beautifully Inked, and having completed a dozen designs, continues to impress. Cara is now looking to branch into SPMU.



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The Improver:

Vikki found her passion in photographic art early, and after years honing her skills at photo-manipulation, graphic design and photo-editing, she subsequently went on to study A’level’s in Photography, Art and Graphics. Consequently Vikki possesses a creative imagination which is displayed by good artistic expression.

Although Vikki retains a massive love for Photography and Fantasy Art, her favourite tattooing style is Old School Traditional, which incorporates bold lines and solid colours. Likewise, Vikki is an industrious, determined individual, who remains attentive and approachable to clients and staff alike.

After completing a large portion of her apprenticeship in a previous studio, Vikki has joined the team at Beautifully Inked, to finish her learning. 

The Owner:

With over 30 years artistic experience, predominantly as a portrait artist, Damian studied Level Art & Graphic Design, and Art History at undergraduate level. He has a diverse background that has involved most mediums: including pencil, pastel & quill, through to graphic design, sculpting and palette-knife oil painting.

Already a qualified piercer using the approved 'no bleed' and 'implement free' techniques, Damian is now transferring his skills to skin, and has been tattooing for several years. He loves Portraits, Realism, Fantasy Art and Script.

Damian's vision entailed a studio with a solid artistic background at its core, set in a light, friendly atmosphere; whilst reintroducing old school values and professionalism toward customer service. Beautifully Inked is the result of this dream.

Beautifully Inked

The Apprentice Piercer:

Ash has always held an artistic interest and after studying in Health & Social, and Hair & Beauty, she then went on to graduate with us, here at Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy. Ash possesses a creative individualism which is demonstrated by her diverse skill set.

Ash is passionate about all forms of body modification, including Tattooing, Body Piercing and SPMU. She is already ahead of the game, using the innovative dots in slots method and the approved 'no bleed' and 'implement free' techniques. Ash has over a dozen body piercings, so she literally wears her art on her sleeve!

Ash currently works alongside our Head Piercer, at our studio, and is due to start her Tattooing Apprenticeship also. Ash hopes to further her knowledge, learning the process of SPMU, Trans-dermal Anchors and Scarification. 

Tattoo & Piercing Studio &Academy

The Head Piercer

Having graduated at the London Piercing Academy, learning the innovative dots in slots method, Damian then went on to work alongside one of the most experienced piercers in the industry, under whom he learned the approved 'no bleed' and 'implement free' techniques; minimising any post piercing trauma and reducing the risk of infection.

Damian is passionate about improving standards of hygiene and risk, associated with the tattoo and piercing industry, and as such, is up to date with current Environmental Health and Piercing Procedures & Policies. He has a BA (Hons) in Human Physiology & Health and is registered with Basildon District Council.

As a qualified tutor, with several years teaching at numerous locations throughout England, and having graduated with a Certificate of Education and Teacher Training (PCET); Damian now uses his diverse knowledge teaching classes at Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy.