Course Outline

Day 1 - Will encompass all aspects of Health & Safety & Studio hygiene, including: Piercing Code of Conduct and Ethics / First Aid / Problems /  Contamination / Blood-Bourne Pathogens / Clinical Waste / Local Authority by-laws.
Students will be tested via informal discussions, practical assessment and will complete a multiple choice test paper on the above subjects.

Day 2 - Will cover the hypothesis of piercing and include: Customer Care / Preparation / Metals / Jewellery / Marking & Depth / Needles / Surgical Tools / Anaesthetics / Aftercare Procedures.
Students will cover approximately 30 piercings, and with the help of go-to sheets, students will perform simulated piercings on fake skin.
Students will learn when to use, how to insert [and remove] Microdermal Implants & Skin Divers.  

Day 3 - Piercing Practical and Assessment

Student will perform piercings on live models under strict supervision with ‘step by step’ guidance and explanation. 

Day 4 [optional] - The Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate is designed for people who work specifically within the Piercing Industry and aims to cover most aspects of first aid & minor emergencies present in a working studio - This qualification is based on the HSE training standard for delivery of First Aid at Work courses for the purposes of the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981.

Welcome to Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy ©.

About Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy ©

With several large classrooms, a fully-kitted studio, canteen and taxi rank all on site, Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy © are fully qualified, licensed and equipped to deliver one of the most wide-ranging piercing courses available.

Created entirely for novices, by qualified tutors and piercers, whose passion is to ensure all students learn the highest standard of responsible practice available, our piercing course is designed to offer a quality, interactive learning experience, combining innovative techniques with traditional methods.

Working one-to-one with our students, our course combines clamp and needle methods, with the no-bleed and implement free procedures; ensuring our students learn the most innovative techniques, whilst sparing their clients unnecessary trauma. The course content combines kinaesthetic, visual and oral learning, and is designed for those with little or no training, or practical experience.

As degree qualified tutors, we are adept at dealing with all student's individual requirements, and have experience delivering tattoo & piercing related material; ensuring the highest standard of tutoring.

Our 3 day intensive training course will consist of combined theoretical and practical sessions. Lessons will take-place both in our large classrooms and in our fully kitted studio. The latter will offer students the opportunity to experience a working studio environment.

As one of the UK's leading professional piercing training course providers, Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy ©, guarantee the correct quantity and quality of tuition, necessary to become a successful body piercer. A 5 star-rated company, our staff are dedicated to the highest levels of customer service, education and training; to ensure students leave with enough knowledge and confidence, to successfully enter the body modification industry.

Whether you already work within the industry, or if you simply have an inclination to learn, with staff First Aid trained, there really is NO-WHERE safer. Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy ©, should be your first & ONLY place to learn the art of piercing. In addition we also offer an optional, 1 day First Aid in the Workplace course.

Contact the Academy for further details on booking availability and prices.

Students will receive:

  • Experienced tutors to offer guidance & support. 
  • Food & Refreshments.
  • A starter pack.
  • A course syllabus - including codes of practice + health & safety.
  • Theoretical knowledge & assessments of piercing techniques & equipment. 
  • Practical demonstrations & assessments.
  • The Body Piercing Process.
  • Go to sheets - for over 30 piercings.
  • Vital experience of a working studio.
  • Information on Studio Requirements - including council & business legalities.
  • List of suppliers.
  • A professional Certificate of Completion.
  • The Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy © Company Promise.

3 Day Intensive Body Piercing + Dermal Course

Unlike comparative courses on the market, Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy © do not agree with spreading courses unnecessarily over several days to inflate costs. As such, by condensing our course into a more manageable 3 days, we can afford to lower prices up to 40% below our competitors. This ensures we can offer students the best value body piercing course available without affecting quality, or reducing content.

Our wide-ranging course covers around 30 piercings, including all above the waist cannula piercings, dermal anchors and skin divers. We offer this at half the price of some piercing academies; ensuring our students the most affordable avenue into becoming a professional body piercer.

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