Tattoo & Piercing Studio &Academy

Beautifully Inked

The Apprentice Piercer:

Ash has always held an artistic interest and after studying in Health & Social, and Hair & Beauty, she then went on to graduate with us, here at Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy. Ash possesses a creative individualism which is demonstrated by her diverse skill set.

Ash is passionate about all forms of body modification, including Tattooing, Body Piercing and SPMU. She is already ahead of the game, using the innovative dots in slots method and the approved 'no bleed' and 'implement free' techniques. Ash has over 30 body piercings, so she literally wears her art on her sleeve.

Ash currently works alongside our Head Piercer, at our studio, and is due to start her Tattooing Apprenticeship also. Ash hopes to further her knowledge, learning the process of SPMU, Trans-dermal Anchors and Scarification. 

The Piercing Tutor:

Having graduated at the London Piercing Academy, learning the innovative dots in slots method, Damian then went on to work alongside one of the most experienced piercers in the industry, under whom he learned the approved 'no bleed' and 'implement free' techniques; minimising any post piercing trauma and reducing the risk of infection.

Damian is passionate about improving standards of hygiene and risk, associated with the tattoo and piercing industry, and as such, is up to date with current Environmental Health and Piercing Procedures & Policies. He has a BA (Hons) in Biological Sciences, and further undergraduate studies in Human Physiology & Health and is registered with Basildon District Council.

As a qualified teacher, with several years teaching  at numerous locations throughout England, and having graduated with a Certificate of Education and Teacher Training (PCET); Damian now uses his diverse knowledge teaching classes at Beautifully Inked Piercing Academy.