Tattoo & Piercing Studio &Academy

Beautifully Inked

Using only the highest quality pigments along with the Precision Plus machine, ensures our staff guarantee the highest standard of work. We offer a welcoming and friendly service from start to finish, where all clients receive a full consultation, to discuss their treatment. By tailoring each specific treatment to a client's individual requirements, and simply enhancing the natural contours of their facial features, we ensure the resulting treatment looks as natural as possible.

Tattoo And Piercing in Basildon


What We Offer...

Training Courses

With several large classrooms, a fully-kitted studio, canteen and taxi rank all on site, Beautifully Inked are fully equipped to deliver our specialist courses. Our degree qualified tutors have several years experience delivering tattoo & piercing related material. Whether you already work within the industry, or if you simply have an inclination to learn, we offer training that covers: Cannula Piercing, Microdermals, First Aid, Health & Safety - contact us for further info and availability dates.

Semi Permanent Make Up

With qualified, licensed, experienced piercers, tutors and First Aid trained staff, all on site, Beautifully Inked are fully equipped to complete even the most extreme body modification. Using the no-bleed & implement free techniques, we ensure clients are spared unnecessary trauma. Having a running academy, where we teach piercing, we should be your first & ONLY place to get pierced. You'll never have a more clinical experience; there really is NO-WHERE safer.


Beautifully Inked prides itself on its staff being artists foremost, ensuring all work is original and designed with the specific need of an individual client in mind. Our extensive knowledge, coupled with natural talent for artistic expression, ensures we're able to put our hand to most anything. We provide a professional, friendly atmosphere to accommodate our varied clientele, with focus on customer service and satisfaction. We enjoy and are happy to do ANY cover-up.