Tattoo & Piercing Studio &Academy

Beautifully Inked

The Apprentice:

With an ever present talent for art, Cara started drawing portraits at a young age, and freehanding Henna Tattoos, doing commission work for family and friends. After years spent sharpening her ability and testing herself with a variety of mediums; Cara eventually went on to study A'Level Fine Art and Drawing. Consequently Cara demonstrates clear artistic flair and a good eye for detail.

Although Cara has always retained a passion for Portraits and mandala style Dot-Work designs, her main love is Neo-Traditional. Allowing her to combine animation with realism, to create bold, bright, bubbly designs, bursting with colour; which is a clear reflection of her character.

Cara has now begun her apprenticeship at Beautifully Inked, where she is eager to further her abilities, by transferring her skill to skin.